Foster City Flyers

Congratulations to the Foster City Flyers 6th Grade Club Team who took 1st place in the Bay City Tournament on the weekend of September 18-19, 2010. The games were held at St. Emedius in San Francisco and Ocean High School in Pacifica, CA aka the "Mike Keough Shark Tank."

Oceana High School

The Flyers were formed rather quickly by parents who were looking for a new coach. The goal was simple: 6 practices and 1 tournament to see if there was a fit with the team. Initially entered to play in the (All Asian) Silicon Valley Basketball Community (SVBC) Tournament, the 6th grade division did not have enough entries so our team manager attempted to enter us to play up in the 7th grade. However, the upper division was full so we signed up for Bulldawgs AAU (open) tournament.

We had the honor of being invited to coach the Flyers. Our Motto was T.S.U. (Tough, Smart, Unselfish) going into the practices and games. We wanted to display that mentality every time we were together on the court and our Flyers did a great job of collectively being tough, smart, and unselfish. Our practices were designed to be uptempo and tough (mentally and physically) so our players could build on fundamentals, awareness, and confidence on and off the court. Our kids are really smart so they picked up everything quickly.

Our last two practices were great so we felt prepared going into the tournament. When I gathered the Flyers before our first game for our pre-game strategy, you could tell the boys were definitely ready by their body language, focus, and excitement. I remember turning to our assistant and saying these boys are like lions in a cage.

(Back row - L to R) Asst Coach Noel, Jason, Mike, Austin, Matt, Ryan, and Coach DShu
(Front row L to R) Ethan, Dylan, and Lucas
Scouting Report

PG: Ethan Cha*- Crafty guard with a knack to make plays for himself and his teammates. Has a streetball style to his game but started to apply fundamentals to help his team be efficient and produce wins.

SG: Dylan Penn*- Best shooter on the team and probably the toughest mentally and physically. Vocal leader and unselfish teammate willing to do anything for his coach and to help his team win.

SF: Jason Apostol- Lefty, consistent on both end of the court. Reminds me of Shane Battier who does all the little things to help the team. Good defender on and off the ball and takes initiative on challenges.

PF: Austin Lee- Quiet leader, very coachable, and exemplified toughness. Unselfish and knows how to make plays or score buckets when needed.

C: Michael Diaz*- The Big Fella. Unselfish leader who cleaned up the boards, scored key baskets, and also made plays for his teammates. One of the best free throw shooters on the team.

Ryan Shintaku- Deceptively good overall. Our defensive stopper who helped shut down the shooter in game 2 who also made all the right plays on offense.

Matthew Shen- Versatile and smart player who filled in at any position when we needed him, everything from point guard to center. Also a very solid help side defender.

Lucas Lee- Youngest player on our team (8), tough and not afraid to take a big time shot. Came in and gave quality minutes.

*Team Captains

Flyers Team Huddle

Game 1 vs. Bay City
You could tell by the way we warmed up that our Flyers were ready for the host team. There was a lot of communication and leadership being displayed by our newly formed team. Our boys jumped on this team early and often. Our Flyers played man to man full court defense, which we didn't even work on in practice! The intensity and defensive pressure held our opponents close to just 20 points.

Game 2 vs. BAAS Dragons
The Dragons had a sharp shooter and a young player who could flat out play. He had a great feel for the game and just lit up his last opponent with 31 points and a victory. The kid was shooting 3's from college and NBA range. Our Flyers were determined to stop him and we had several players request to guard him. With the emphasis on team defense (5 on 1 as opposed to 1 on 1), we held their leading scorer to 9 points and a blowout victory.

Championship Game vs. Bulldawgs
Our toughest opponent. We actually made it a bit tough for ourselves since two of our best players (Michael Diaz and Dylan Penn) were in foul trouble as well as one of our starters (Austin Lee) getting popped in the mouth and having to leave the game but returning to make some big plays down the stretch. However, our bench (Ryan Shintaku and Matthew Shen) was outstanding and provided the level of play to take us over the top. The Bulldawgs liked to press full court and trap in the half court but our Flyers pushed the ball on made or missed shots to beat the press. The sharing of the ball in the front court also allowed us to beat their zone traps for open shots and easy baskets.

Michael Diaz (11) and Dylan Penn (10)

Overall, our team was put together quickly a la Team USA in the FIBA World Championships. We had to figure out our roles and our chemistry came along throughout our practices. I have to say, this team was special by the way we bonded and trusted each other. I'm very proud of each of our players and honored by the support shown by the parents. The victory's were all well deserved and the Championship was the icing on the cake.

Team Huddle

Associate Coach Noel Shen
Team Manager John Cha
Special Guest Coaches:
Andrew Borthwick
Mike Barton and his two sons Andrew and Darren
Brian Gomes
Mike Tom


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